Loft Conversions Should Be Carried Out Within a Respectable Time Frame

As with a number of other renovation projects in Bristol, time is of essence when it comes to loft conversion. The longer the duration of the process, the more money you will have to spend to get the job done. As a result, it is extremely important for the conversion company which you will use for the project to have the relevant expertise and skill in order to complete the conversion in the shortest amount of time possible. In the event that sluggish loft conversion companies are hired, you will end up spending more money than what you had planned originally.

Getting Easier

There are new regulations which came into effect in October of 2011 that now permit the majority of individuals to carry out loft extensions and conversions without the need to receive the permission of their local council. The government has estimated that this will take away the need for approximately 80,000 households to apply for planning permission; this results in cost cutting of as much as £1,000 per household. This measure will assist home owners who, in the existing financial climate, would much rather opt to stay put, acquire additional space and add much appreciated value to their properties.

In spite of the fact that real estate agents are in support of the boost in the value of the property that comes with converting a loft, there is the concern of whether the invested money will actually be recouped, when the property is on the market. When the price of houses increases, more often than not, there is a return on the investment within two years or so. In contrast, as the price of houses fall, spending thousands of dollars might add no value to the property. However, it is estimated that loft conversion could add 10 percent to the value of a property, even in an unstable economy.

There are a number of different ways in which the home can be reinvented. A new décor could be used, the interiors can be renovated or perhaps something as easy as rearranging pieces of furniture could breathe new life into a space. However, sometimes the best method of improving the house is instituting some drastic changes. Home extension enables you to literally make your living space larger in any possible way. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to get this done and nowadays, Bristol loft conversion is among the most commonly used methods of expanding the usable space in the home.

Ultimately, the loft conversion company that you hire should have the expertise and be renowned for giving good results in the shortest possible time and at a cost that is in line with your budget.

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